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Armitage World Domination!

Well, not exactly. For a spur of the moment fan call, the chat room experiment last night was a resounding success.  The word spread fast through blogs, Twitter and Facebook.   I got loopy after awhile and lost count but over six hours, 25+ people revolved through, lending their voices to the chatter.  Sadly the event began too […]

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What me chat?

I have been working on a post that’s turned into a magnus opus with the point getting lost somewhere along the way.  Meanwhile it’s come to be attention that several people have visited the chat room, although not at the same time. I think it’s time for creating a chat schedule.  Because we are located […]

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ArmitageWorld is LIVE!

Since I was home sick today, I seized the opportunity to set up a live chat room on my server.  After a few failed attempts, I announce we have a working chat room!  Things are still a bit primitive but I don’t think anything complicated is needed right now. This chat client is based on […]

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Back to Reality

I’m back home after a relaxing weekend, having survived with no limited.  Well, except for those 5 hours at hotspots on Saturday and my phone the rest of the time.  It was an interesting experiment but if I return later in the summer, I plan to bribe her folks to reconnect.  Yes, I’m sad. My […]

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