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Mother Nature, Part 2

The howling gale stopped along with the snow sometime before dawn.  In the light, it didn’t so bad all things considered.  I catnapped but was awakened by –more wind, accompanied by more snow. Mother Nature apparently wants to present this drama in several acts with short interludes.  I bundled up Patty (pink parka naturally), who […]

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Mother Nature, We’ve Gotta Talk…

It’s 1AM and I can’t sleep.  The blizzard has been barreling down since 4PM with constant gales force winds 40-50 mph, even more so at the lake where I am.  It sounds like a freight train running through here.  It’s total whiteout from my windows.  The heat is up and I’m wrapped in blanket, but […]

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A blizzard is a-comin’, at least that’s what the forecasters say.  However it’s been my experience that when the word “blizzard” is invoked, it fizzles into an anti-climax.  But winds are seriously howling, the snow has started and my building has emailed high gales warnings to the residents.  And I see forecasters have swapped specific […]

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