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Oh, he most certainly does.

In my approaching decrepitude, I’ve given up on the whole make-up thing.  Nobody has turned to stone in my presence, so things aren’t too bad yet.  On the other hand, our Sir Guy never left Locksley Manor without the whole deal (except for a bit during S3 when he went goth).   Great foundation, darkened brushed brows, guyliner, a touch of mascara and eye shadow, usually in a dark smokey olive.  Finish with a smooch of clear lip gloss and he was set for the day.

This picture shows off his deft hand to full advantage.  Back to my other projects.

Guy, played by Richard Armitage, goes over his new contract with Maybelline Cosmetics.

7 Responses to “Interlude XXXVI: Does He or Doesn’t He?”

  1. zan says:

    “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful …”
    Oh, no way, Sir Guy. 😉

  2. bollyknickers says:

    Actually, i have it on good authority Guy uses L’Oreal…..Because he’s worth it.

    Or maybe Olay because for a bloke born in the 12th Century he’s doing pretty well in the 7 signs of ageing department!

  3. JasRangoon says:

    I hope the lip gloss is flavored!

  4. April73 says:

    “Guy, played by Richard Armitage, goes over his new contract with Maybelline Cosmetics.”… He promotes the product “Guyliner” ? lol

  5. fitzg says:

    Of course, Sir Guy had a spa at home. (with hot tub). And always uses good old maybelline black waterproof mascara…

    And the local Wise Woman is summoned for herbal facials…(and rubs his feet.)

  6. Joanna says:

    😀 too much hair conditioner but make-up is very natural.

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