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Monthly Archive for February, 2017

Oscar Thought Smörgåsbord

Warning: stream of consciousness and possible movie spoilers ahead. I watched some of the Oscars last night. Frankly I didn’t care enough because many of the film scripts seemed to be written as a How Not to Write One.  I know script writing is different from crafting novels but aren’t stories supposed to have a […]

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Serene Sunday: After Hours

When I was a child, my parents still listened to 78 rpm records.  (Now if you don’t know what those are, don’t feel bad.  Record companies had stopped pressing them by the time I was born.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. *Cough*)   Anyway, I inherited the collection which included many jazz greats.  […]

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Alright then. That was one heck of long pause in scheduled programming.  I went to NYC in November to see Richard Armitage in Love, Love, Love and then – fell off the face of the earth.  During a strange mixture of after-trip fugue, post-election shock, holiday depression and winter doldrums, a strong reluctance to write.  […]

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