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Monthly Archive for August, 2013

In Honor of A Mother

As you may have read here,  Servetus’s mother passed away yesterday.  Knowing that many of you would want to reach out in a tangible way, a few of us have gotten together and created a PayPal account to accept donations in honor of Mrs. Servetus.  All moneys received will be donated to RA’s charities at […]

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The man couldn’t decide. He’d ducked into the specialty shop during his break in the photoshoot looking for a few Halloween items. The sight of jack o’ lanterns, ghoulish costumes, and ghosts made from sheets with cutout eyes had arrested his attention when he’d spotted it earlier. Unfortunately, it had also attracted half of London […]

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Richard III for Dummies: US Edition

I’ve been pondering a topic for Richard III week when it occurred to me that the typical American doesn’t know much about the British monarchy, much less about Richard III. The most we know about him is the smattering in history books where he played the dastardly villain who killed the two young princes, looking […]

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Serene Sunday: Blue Bayou

Recently, Linda Ronstadt announced that she has multiple sclerosis and can no longer sing.  She’d had symptoms for seven or eight years but was diagnosed only recently because of voice issues.  The news shocked and devastated her as well as fans around the world.  I felt deeply saddened because she was one of the truly […]

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The man was in happy denial today. The leaves dappled him with sunshine as he jogged through the woody section of the park. It was another unusually warm day in London but the trees afforded him some shade. He acknowledged two joggers running in tandem as they passed and casually eyed a street vendor selling […]

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